Hi! My name is Kylie Lambert. I’m married to the very wonderful (and amazingly handsome) Joshua Lambert, and we have one super adorable baby boy, Gabriel Lambert.

Josh and I got married only a year and a half ago as of the writing of this bio. Before marriage I felt prepared to run a house. Not ‘ready to be married’ (because really, who ever feels totally ready for that?!), but certainly capable of running a home. Boy was I in for a humility check! 😛

Running a home with just yourself and your husband is not the same as helping to run one with five other people. Add a baby and things get really interesting. If your husband is also a visionary and an entrepreneur with big dreams that you just love to get swept up in and that you want to help with in any way you can, well, that just adds more excitement. So I’ve set up a little place to record our adventures together, my attempts to make our house a home, the joys of raising our son, and anything else that happens along the way. Hopefully it will serve as an encouragement to those coming behind me, and a place to glean wisdom from those who are ahead.

Welcome to the whirlwind!


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