Money Making Projects

So, I missed a few days on my writing goal. I usually write at night after Super G goes to bed, but I came down with a fever Saturday night, then spent Sunday resting and forgot. 😛

I have a crazy long document with ideas for everything from blog posts to money making ideas, and I’ve accomplished very few of them. Part of why I’m writing this series of post for myself is so that I can get some of my necessary goals met and give myself more time for my other projects.

The project I was working on before my Daddy passed and Derek was born was a pattern for a crocheted nativity set. Needless to say that got postponed, and I haven’t been able to pick it up again as yet. I’ve decided to use this post to outline a loose game plan, so I can have clear goals to meet once I have some more time.

  • Make some instructional videos for YouTube to include with my pattern later
  • Actually upload the vids (I’m not so good at this part :P)
  • Finish making the pattern
  • Remember to post updates to social media sites and blog
  • Sell pattern on Etsy

If I can complete that project I’d like to get into printables, but I started the crochet project and I’m sick of dropping things midway. I’m determined to finish this!


3 thoughts on “Money Making Projects

  1. Hi Kylie! I, too, need to work on time, money, energy and project management, and I really appreciated reading your posts of the past week or so. The Lord bless your efforts. ❤


    1. Thanks! To be honest, I’ve been writing more to get my thoughts out of my head; I wasn’t sure anyone would actually be reading my posts. 😛 I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed reading! 🙂


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