Working on Budgeting

Budgeting at the moment is closely tied to eating better. Why? Because eating healthy can be expensive! However, I’m looking into the Ketogenic diet, which encourages eating more fats and less carbs, so I’m hoping if I keep things really simple and purchase less sugary and carb rich items I’ll come out even. My plan for saving money on food is:

  • Plan meals first around what’s in the cabinet and fridge (shop my pantry)
  • Fill extra days with meals planned around the sales
  • When I come across a really good sale, buy enough to make a double batch and freeze for later
  • Make simpler meals (especially breakfast and lunch)
  • Buy fewer convenience items (like boneless skinless chicken breasts)

I think I’ll see the most savings here, but I’m also planning to do some light couponing and to take advantage of rebates. I’m trying to pad some of my savings, as well as have some money to put toward other goals, so for the next few months I’m trying to come in significantly under budget. I’ve managed to do that so far, but it’s nice to know I’ve got some wiggle room.

For actual budget planning we use YNAB which I highly recommend. You have to pay for it, but the price is well worth it. It helps lay out your budgeting in a very clear and helpful way, and I love it.

Those are my big goals for the moment; pretty straightforward. Now I’ve just got to do it.

Here’s to saving money!


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