Goals for Gabe

Well, this probably won’t be that long of a post since it’s a fairly simple concept. It’s the execution that’s difficult!

It’s become even more important to teach Gabe some things now that Derek’s here, and I know it will be really great for him to know them when Derek get’s a bit bigger and more of a handful. So, here’s another list (betcha didn’t see that coming ;P):

  • potty training
  • eating with utensils
  • picking up his toys

We’ve had a lot of success on the last one. He’s known how to do it for a while now, I just haven’t been diligent in making him. However, I’ve had him clean up his toys before bed every night this week so far except Sunday, so he’s had lots of practice. My ultimate goal is to get him to the point where I don’t have to hover quite so much to make sure he gets finished. 🙂

The other thing I want to do with Gabe is spend more fun time with him. I’ve got so much I want/need to get done, and then Derek takes up a good chunk of time, so some days I get to supper time and realize I haven’t done much with Gabe. So I’m making a list of things to do with him during the day, and I’m going to update this post whenever I can figure out a schedule to best incorporate them. (Yes, I need a schedule for playing with my kid. It’s not that I never do anything with him; it’s that it’s unbalanced. One day I spend most of my time with him and Derek, giving them plenty of attention. The next I have the above scenario. Schedules are good for keeping me balanced.)

Short activities

  • Bubbles
  • Books

Longer activities

  • Puzzles
  • Coloring
  • Outside time (this is one we do pretty much every day it’s not raining or freezing)
  • Hide and seek
  • Blankie run (this is a new one. He’s decided it’s great fun to hand me his blankie then run away while I follow after and throw it over his head. Then he stands there like Gabe the friendly ghost for a second, or walks around, or takes it straight off, then hands it back and we start again. He loves this. :P)

I’m loving getting all these thoughts on paper! I feel like my mind is a little less cluttered every night.

Here’s to learning and playing (or teaching and playing from my end)!


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