Getting Rid of Physical and Mental Clutter

Almost forgot to write today. Don’t really feel like doing it, but I’m determined. I’m going out of the written order from my first post since this is the topic I’m most interested in right now, and that’s good incentive to get this writing goal done today. 😀

Right now mental clutter has a lot of bleed-over into physical for me. My mental clutter is a long laundry list of projects that I haven’t finished, and most of them are not the kind you complete on a computer. Which means a lot of materials lying around (or stored in closets, unseen and thus, undone). It’s cluttering up my brain though too, because in the back of my mind I know it’s still waiting to be finished. What I class as plain old physical clutter are items that are unconnected to anything in particular; things like clothes I don’t really wear, or duplicate stock pots I never use. Those are a lot easier to take care of.

A few weeks after having Derek I went on a major purging rampage, which I have only recently toned down on (not stopped, just relaxed :P). When I was done I had managed to drag Josh into it (I wanted to purge the storage room, and a lot of that stuff was more in his territory; didn’t want to get rid of something we actually needed by accident. He spent most of his Saturday helping me do that; isn’t he awesome? <3), and together we got rid of an entire trunk load of stuff. I’m still getting rid of things since 1) I keep finding items I don’t need, and 2) some of the items I’m trying to sell on Letgo (it’s like a more sophisticated Craig’s List in app form; you should really check it out). I’m feeling so much more clear headed and on top of things which I think has really impacted my productivity and ability to start getting back on top of things this week.

Now for mental clutter. It’s definitely going to take some time since I seem to have a lot of trouble not starting a brand new project before old ones are finished, but I am definitely seeing progress. This week I finished two projects for the nursery that have been in the works since before Gabe was born (yes, that is embarrassing; but I’m just so happy they’re done)! So, I think what I’m going to do is list out all the projects I can think of here and cross them off as I finish them. And you know what? I’m going to include the one’s I just finished just for the satisfaction of seeing them stricken out!

  • Bird mobile
  • Stencil canvas baskets
  • Finish scrapbook pages and assemble scrapbook (you thought the nursery projects were bad: this is my wedding scrapbook we’re talking about here. Yeah)
  • Finish scanning photos onto computer
  • Hang shelves in nursery
  • Make nature collection collage
  • Finish dried flower project (my wedding bouquet. Yet another long-put-off project.)
  • Make jewelry frame (my jewelry box is too big. It has to sit on the floor because it’s tall instead of long, so it’s annoying. Also, it’s way too tempting for Gabe.)
  • Hang key hook

I know there’s a lot more than that, but it’s almost 8:00 and I’m getting foggy brained. My bedtime has gotten a lot earlier since I had Derek. 😛 I’ll have to update as I remember things.

Here’s to no more clutter!


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