Keeping the House Clean

This is SO much simpler to write than accomplish. But I guess I could say that about all the goals on my list.

The method I was using before I had Derek involved my daily task list (including things besides housecleaning) being written down on index cards. I have one for every day of the week. Each day has it’s own set of ‘special’ chores (those being chores that aren’t repeated every day like washing dishes), and there’s an index card for those that goes with each daily card. This worked really well for me, and I was even able to pick it back up after an upheaval (previous methods tended to fall apart as soon as I got off track for some reason). I’ve had trouble getting back into it since Derek was born though, so that’s what I’m working on.

Jumping straight back into the daily’s wasn’t going so well for me, so I had to fall back on my ‘incremental method’. This involves tidying and lightly decluttering at least one room a day, then doing maintenance on that room the next day before tackling another one until they’re all back under control again. Now that I’ve done that I’m working on using the index cards again this week. Today (it’s Monday as I’m writing this) I managed to keep the rooms tidy, wash 2 loads of clothes, check the trashcans and change the one’s that needed it, and change our bedsheets. That covers the major cleaning items on the list, so I’m feeling pretty good about today. Now to tackle the rest of the week!

What worked today:

  • Getting up at 7:00 so I could shower and dress before getting Gabe up
  • Tidying the bathroom before leaving it after showering
  • Getting Gabe up at 7:30-ish and getting him (and myself) fed by not too long after 8:00 which is when Derek needs to be fed.

Those let me get my day off to a good start and enabled me to get more done. Also helpful were:

  • Creative use of baby gates
  • Veggie Tales (just being honest :P)

What didn’t work:

  • Getting distracted and using Gabe’s nap time for a project instead of vacuuming the living room (even though that project needed to be finished eventually, it could have waited)

I can’t think of anything else, but that could be because I wasn’t paying attention. I didn’t realize I’d be making this list when I got up this morning. I think it would be good to start thinking about this though.

Here’s to a tidy house this week!


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