Happy (Late) Pi Day!

Does anybody else forget about Pi day ’till the last minute? ‘Cause I have. Twice. Does that make it a tradition?

It’s actually eery how similar the last two Pi days have been to each other. First one: I was only hazily aware that Pi day even existed and so didn’t really think about it until Josh mentioned it while I was cooking dinner. ‘What?! We have to have pies!’ (I love pie). Well neither of us felt like driving to the store, or spending money on a pre-made pie, so I had to get resourceful. The result? Strawberry fried pies with cream cheese icing. Oh. yes. So delicious.

So this year I actually thought fleetingly about Pi day once or twice, but then forgot about it again. Until the actual day. At dinner time. Yep. So, once again I’m looking around and realizing that, but some miracle, we actually have all the ingredients fro strawberry fried pies!


I did use a recipe the first time (two actually), but the second time I just used a piece of one. So here’s how I make fried pies.

  1. Strawberries (about as many as you think will make a cup when mashed)
  2. 1/8 cup corn starch
  3. 1/4 + 1/8 of a cup sugar (those aren’t separate because you’re putting them in at different times. It’s because I used a larger recipe and had to half 3/4 of a cup. I’m sure there’s a more correct way to write it, but this is easier to measure. :P)
  4. 1 can biscuits

Cook your strawberries in a saucepan until they’re soft enough to mash. Once you have them mashed to the consistency you like add your corn starch and sugar. Cook until thickened. Let cool completely.

On a floured surface flatten your biscuit dough. You can do this however you prefer depending on the biscuits you have. This last time we had smaller Great Value brand biscuits so I combined two for each pie. You may find they want to spring back once you’ve flattened them in which case stop for a few minutes and let the dough rest then come back and flatten some more. The other trick I use is to pick up the dough and go around the edges with my finger and thumb stretching it out and letting the rest hang down to help with the stretching. If that makes any sense. πŸ˜›

Spoon your filling into the biscuit dough and fold it over to form a half moon shape. Press the edges together with your fingers or a fork. I turned mine over and repeated this on the other side just in case.

Heat up about 2 inches of frying oil (I used Crisco) until a piece of biscuit dropped in it sizzles. Cook your pies on one side until brown then flip. Drain on a plate with a few paper towels on it, or even better on a cooling rack with paper towels underneath if you have them.

Some of the recipes I looked at called for making your pies then freezing them for up to an hour or more. No way was I waiting that long. If you want to skip this step too here’s what I’d advise: Make sure your filling is AT LEAST room temperature, if not slightly chilled in the fridge. Also don’t start working with your dough until the filling is either ready, or very close to being ready. That way it won’t be sitting out getting warm. The main thing I’ve had to be careful about with skipping the refrigeration part is that the dough could get thin from being warm and your filling might come through. It wasn’t much of a problem for me this last time though and I had a really thin place in one of them.

The icing recipe I use is pretty much the same as the one I did in my mug cakeΒ post, but without the cocoa powder. For this I used more cream cheese and less sugar since the strawberry filling was so sweet already. These were so good! Josh (who has a pretty indifferent attitude toward sweet things and really prefers bitter foods) loved them. He ate both of his and threatened to eat mine. πŸ˜› πŸ˜‰

If you have more filling than you need don’t throw it out! You can use it like strawberry jam on pancakes, or biscuits, or in oatmeal if you’re brave. I had mine on a scrambled egg, sausage breakfast sandwich. That may sound gross, but trust me, the combination of sweet and savory is so good. (Although I didn’t get the ratios quite right on that particular one. Phooey. :P)

Do you celebrate Pi day? Have you ever made fried pies? Think you might try now? I’d love to hear your thoughts!




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