T25 Review

I’ve been going through T25 for the second time (the first was right before I got married), and thought I’d write a quick review in case any of you are looking for an exercise program.

So, first, what does it come with?

  1. Alpha round exercise CD’s
  2. Beta round exercise CD’s
  3. Gamma round exercise CD’s*
  4. Stretch CD
  5. Bonus Core Cardio CD
  6. Alpha and Beta wall calendars
  7. Gamma wall calendar*
  8. Resistance band(s)**
  9. Mat*
  10. 5 day fast track meal guide
  11. Quick-start guide
  12. Get it done nutrition plan

*items that come with the deluxe package. **Apparently the deluxe package comes with more than one band in different weights. The basic one pack only includes one.

The great thing is that this program has been around long enough that you can get it on eBay fairly inexpensively compared to the retail price. It may not have every item, but you don’t have to have everything.

I’d say the bare minimum you’d want it to have would be: Alpha and Beta CD’s, stretching CD, nutrition plan. You can use dumbbells in place of the resistance bands (that’s actually what most of them are using in the video).

Now, I really like the wall calendars, but I wouldn’t say they were absolutely necessary because the exercise plan is printed inside the Alpha/Beta CD case. So, that plus the resistance bands, and Gamma exercise go in the ‘nice to have, but not absolutely necessary’ category. I’ve never used any of the other items, so I can’t really review them.

(Just to be clear I haven’t tried Gamma yet. My first go-round with T25 was with just Alpha and Beta. My family got me the program for Christmas since they knew how much I loved it and got one with Gamma. I plan to update this post once I’ve been through it; working on Beta right now.)

Now that you know what’s in it, here are my pros and cons:


  1. Exercise clothes. The guys wear regular loose exercise shorts with clingier ones underneath just in case, so that’s fine. But they do often go shirtless, so if that bothers you that would be a con. The ladies very rarely have their midriffs covered, and are usually wearing athletic bras or short shorts. So yeah, there’s that.
  2. Although the modified exercises are really nice when just starting out, and do give you a workout sometimes they give the modifier way too little screen time. In fact in the Dynamic Core Beta video there’s one exercise that doesn’t show what she’s doing at all! Very annoying.
  3. And depending on where you get it, price. This ain’t cheap folks. I think the eBay prices are more reasonable, but if you’ve never purchased an exercise program before even that may seem a bit steep to you. Also, if get it on eBay you don’t get the 30 day money back guarantee, so that’s something to consider.

That’s all I can think of at the moment, but I may have more after Gamma.


  1. Time. Each exercise is only 25 minutes long with short cool down sections at the end that only last from 2-3 minutes. Not bad; definitely doable for me right now.
  2. The modified exercises actually work you out. (When you can see them :P)
  3. It works. (At least it did for me. Seems to be working this time too, and I’ve had a baby.)
  4. The nutrition plan isn’t ridiculous. Now the caveat here is that I’ve never precisely followed it. 😛 The first time around I just incorporated some of the recipes into my regular eating. However, they weren’t difficult or time consuming generally, and they tasted pretty good. I’m not following it this time because were in hyper-savings mode for a couple of reasons, and I’m trying to avoid anything even a little superfluous in the budget, but really the ingredients aren’t all that expensive or fancy. The only expensive item is their Shakeology mix, but there are enough recipes that you could easily follow the plan without buying that. I do plan to try the meal plan out sometime even if I’ve finished the work-outs, so whenever I get to that I’ll try to update you here.

So there you go! Do you use exercise programs? Which are your favorites? How do you maintain after you’re through with them? I’d love to hear your thoughts!


This post contains affiliate links. I was not asked to review this item. All opinions are my own.


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