Nursery Decor Preview

So, Gabriel’s nursery is not finished. I know, he’s almost 7 months already! I had hoped to decorate his room fully because who knows when (if ever) I’ll have an entire room to dedicate as a nursery? But, for multiple reasons I didn’t get it done before he was born, and now I’m struggling with scheduling, and prioritizing things with a little person to take care of.

However, I do have one thing finished. I got up the decal I bought before he was born! It’s Wall Pops brand and I got it off of Amazon. I love the colors, and it was so easy to put up. There are about 97 pieces which sounds daunting, but really isn’t that bad. The branch was broken into sections, and each of the leaves and birds were separate. This actually made it easier to put up since I would probably have needed a second person if it was all one piece. It also allows for creativity if you don’t want to use the pattern they provide. Each of the branches are numbered so that you can assemble the pattern their way if that’s what you want to do though.



It’s been up for about a month, and I haven’t had any fall off. The only real negative I could site is that two of the smaller leaves weren’t sticky at all. Total duds. Otherwise, it was good quality.

If I ever get the rest of my nursery projects finished I plan to do a nursery tour! It’ll be nice to get it all done. 🙂

What were your nurseries for your first babies like? Did you have a room, or just a baby dedicated space? What kind of things did (or do) you do to set it apart, or decorate it? Do you even bother? I’d love to hear your ideas! Also, feel free to post pictures of your nursery, or nursery space in the comments. 🙂


This post contains affiliate links. I was not requested to do this post. All opinions are my own.


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