Learning New Tricks

So, I’ve been trying to think up ways to supplement our household income. So far I haven’t come up with many options. Most of the ideas I have are things that will help us in the future, but don’t add much right now. I’m offering piano lessons, but until I get some students that isn’t doing anything.

While I’m waiting for that to catch on I’m putting some effort into one of the longer term ones. It was Josh’s idea. I’m learning to code.

Josh introduced me to codecademy.com, a website that teaches coding for free. There are multiple computer languages available, but he suggested I focus on JavaScript. (Note: JavaScript is not the same as Java. Not sure what the difference is except that Josh says Java is horrible. :P) They take you through learning code step-by-step. It gets difficult, and I’ve been stumped more than once. Fortunately I’ve got Josh to help me out, but if you don’t have a resident coder you can join the forum to get answers. It’s not perfect (I’m pretty sure I’ve found a teaching error or two), however, it’s really good considering it’s available for the low, low price of free.

I’m really enjoying picking it up, and the knowledge that I could turn this to a profit once I’m done is great motivation.

So now there’s another habit added to my list. Practice coding. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep up!

If you’re a stay at home mom have you ever tried to supplement your family income? How? Any ideas for other ways to do that?


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